A fondness for antiques and heirlooms as hallmarks with the

mix of contemporary for a perfect medley

Meet Macy

 I am pleased to share my passion for Interior styling and helping others find unique home accents. 

  I attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, where I met my husband Aaron .   

After graduation, I was led to Chicago where  I had the privilege of working for one of the nation's premier Auction Houses.  My experience within the auction industry taught me the appreciation for decorative accessories and artwork; and how the finishing touches can enhance a home and create a unique space.   

I have always loved to share unique finds!  

I enjoy the hunt - whether in a local shop, combing an auction, or from an antique store!  I never imagined a favorite pastime could grow into the opportunity to work with others to source and style personal touches for their surroundings.

What Is Interior Styling?

styling is the focus on the finishing touches in a space through the accessories and small accents which complete the space. Styling can be achieved either through the addition of accessories 

 or the editing for refreshed feel.

an interior designer provides the foundation for a space from furnishings to fabric selections -styling provides the finishing details/edits that build off those foundation items.   

Both interior design and Styling focus on making the end result absolutely perfect, this is why I love to collaborate with interior designers to achieve a beautiful space together.