You have the foundation items - the furniture, curtains, rugs; but your room doesn't have the finish feeling you desire.

Styling builds off your existing furnishings and layers accessories and accents that gives your room personality,

and a cohesive feel.



Whether you are you looking for a single piece or few items I am happy save you time and do the shopping for help you whether it is to find the perfect accessories; a piece of artwork; or small furnishing to finish the room.  

Or if you enjoy shopping online, and need a second opinion, I am happy to review your choices and help you make decisions on the details that best fit your home.


Looking for Unique or Antique?

Please let me know ~ I love the hunt and would be happy to keep a look out for a unique finishing touch for you.



You have a home full of treasured items and you simply need a fresh perspective on how your home is presented. 

We can achieve a new look by working with your existing furnishings and accessories for an updated and refreshed look.

After editing, if additional items are needed for an updated appearance; a list of suggested items can be left or I am happy to source items to finish the project as well.



If you may be seeking some assistance with direction on how to finish a space; a Consultation allows us to meet and discuss your goals and how to create the space you desire.  We can review items such as styling, accessory options, provide editing concepts, sourcing for smaller furnishings and/or unique items, artwork guidance, or any other questions in regards to the details for your space(s). 

Consultation includes a detailed summary of items to discussed for follow-up and your records.


Don't have the time to decorate for the Holidays?  Or do you just need a re-fresh of your holiday decor?

Happy to help make your home festive for any Holiday Season! 

Offering a range of options from using your exiting decorations to helping you get new updated decorations.

-Starts with a consultation to see the space and discuss project goals

Packages available for larger scale projects - fee determined upon scope of space(s) and time spent with pre-design, styling space, and/or additional accessories and decor to be sourced and purchased to meet project goals.