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The Process 

New Client Inquiry Form

Every project is different and requires specific needs.   The process starts with you filling out the form to help  explore and discuss project(s) and to determine the best fit.   (Link at bottom of page)

Home Visit

This is our opportunity to meet and we can discuss your goals.  Suggestions for edits, and ways to best provide overall concepts, and next steps for project will be determined.  


Consultation Investment: $100

   Please note: if Home Visit requires over 1 hour drive to/from an additional fee may be included 


The items discussed from the initial Introductory visit will be reviewed and a proposal for how we can work together, and to best meet your goals for your project.  

A timeline will be discussed based upon desired project concepts.


Project estimates for fees and products will be outlined

Design & Sourcing

After the proposal is reviewed and agreed,  the process for sourcing, pre-design, etc. is developed.   

This could include providing options and sections for your review; sourcing accessories; and   

returning to your home for styling and bringing accessory, etc. All items depending on the scope of your project

Based upon scope of project, date to return to style will be determined.

Return to  Home

The process of returning to style and executing your project goals takes place.    Where its determining selections, or accessories/decor will be brought to your home for an installation and styling. 

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